Has your tile and grout seen better days? Is it hard to tell what color the grout was when it was installed? Many homeowners view tile and grout cleaning as DIY projects. While it is possible to complete this task yourself, it is not recommended. Professional tile & grout cleaning services in Rochester, NY are equipped to handle this job better than homeowners are themselves. Calling in the pros offers the following advantages and savings:

  • Save your back: Without the specialized equipment available to cleaning services, homeowners use a lot of elbow grease to get very little accomplished. After a lot of back-breaking labor, the results are usually minimal. With the proper tools and training, professionals can easily get your tile and grout looking great, and spare your spine from all that pain.
  • Save time: Hours of scrubbing, soaking and scrubbing again might only result in small improvements in the look of your tile and grout. Besides that, it’s likely you don’t have that kind of time to spare. In a fraction of the time, a professional cleaning service can have your tile and grout looking new. Let them clean while you do something a lot more fun or productive.
  • Save your wallet: You can purchase tools and cleaners to attempt cleaning your tile and grout on your own. However, the results are often not what was originally desired. Meanwhile, you have spent a lot of money on expensive cleaners that got you nowhere. Investing in a professional cleaning service will spare you from wasted expenses.  Save your tile: When tile and grout are properly maintained by professionals they last longer. If your techniques don’t get the job done properly, you could be shortening the life of your tile and grout. Using certain combinations of cleaners can actually cause damage to the surfaces you are attempting to restore. Professional cleaning services use the right solutions that are designed to complete these tough jobs without harming your tiles.
  • Save your renovations: Older tile and grout may look like it is beyond restoration. For the typical homeowner, it might be. They may decide replacement of the entire floor or wall is necessary. But, with proper products and tools designed for restoring color and removing stains on old grout, professional cleaners can make old tiles and grout look new. A simple cleaning is always preferable to complete renovations.
  • Save your health: Mixing up your own cleaning solution to remove grout stains can be dangerous. Acids and bleaches can be hazardous to your health. Why risk it? Professional cleaning services use products created specifically for the job. They don’t include harsh materials that will damage your property or pose a health risk to you or your family members.

Homeowners have much to save by contacting tile & grout cleaning services in Rochester, NY. Why put yourself through the hassle of cleaning any other way? The professionals at 5 Star Cleaning & Restoration are ready to restore your grout and tile to sparkling conditions. Call today for like-new tile and grout tomorrow.