Now that you’ve found a reputable team in Rochester NY to clean the flood water in your home, it’s time to deal with the aftermath: the flood damaged items. Depending on the amount of water, some items are best left by the curb. But what you can salvage needs to be cleaned correctly. Here are a few tips to cleaning flood damaged items.

Before You Salvage

If you find that these household items are discolored or unable to be fully restored to their original state, it’s best to throw them away. Sometimes these items have been contaminated by sewage waste and aren’t worth the risk of spreading bacteria. Flood water contamination in your Rochester NY home can make you and your family susceptible to illness and bacteria if not cleaned professionally and right away. After you’ve looked for signs of water damage in the walls and flooring, you’ll want to take care of the other smaller items pretty quickly. Perhaps the flooding is present in the garage where fuel oil is commonly placed. An attic or storage place in the home is another place that can house water-damaged items. These circumstances are devastating, especially when heirlooms and other family possessions are affected.

Prewash, Then Wash

All damaged items should be rinsed thoroughly with clean, flowing water outside of the home, if possible. Never use your washer/dryer or your kitchen/bathroom sink/tub at first to remove mud, dirt, or soil. There’s a chance that water damaged items may have come into contact with hazardous materials or sewage waste and are capable of transmitting bacteria to your home. Taking the items outside and pre-washing or scraping them will lessen the transmission of bacteria. Always allow the items to run clear through with running water, soap and bleach. Once these items have been restored to their original state, you may transfer them into a washing machine. If the washing machine has completely removed soil, then transfer to dryer.

Drying on High Heat

Don’t assume ‘wash, dry and done’. Set your machine on high heat to kill bacteria. Assuming your fabric items are machine dryable/washable, you’ll want to use a slightly higher heat setting than normal.

Dry Cleaning

In some severe cases, dry cleaning is a must to get rid of the remaining spots and soil from tarnished garments. Since dry cleaners use professional grade-A soilants and disinfectants, you will find this technique much more beneficial for your time and you and your family's safety.

Flooding can cause tremendous damage to your home. It is important to remedy the effects as soon as possible. At 5 Star Cleanup, we look forward to providing you with premier water damage cleanup for your Rochester NY home. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our flood damage professionals.