Pets bring undeniable joy to our lives, but they can also deliver untold destruction. This is especially true for flooring, which may suffer from constant exposure to tiny paws and claws. Scratches are only the beginning, however. Below, we highlight a few unexpected sources of floor damage caused by pets.

Spilled Water

Whether accidental or on purpose, pets often tip over their water dishes. Such spills are often missed — and even if noticed, they may be neglected because they aren't assumed to cause extensive damage. If left alone, however, ensuing puddles can wreak havoc on flooring.


Both dogs and cats can cause significant damage by urinating on your floor — especially if the exposure isn't noticed and cleaned right away. With dogs, this may accompany a lack of training or an excessive amount of time inside. Cats may urinate outside the litter box due to health issues or even stress.

Accidental Faucet Use

Although far less common than the problems outlined above, accidental faucet operation could prompt flooding. Such was the case for actor Frankie Muniz, who hit headlines when his house flooded while he was away — because his cat accidentally turned on the faucet.

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