Your sump pump gave out and the recent storms have flooded your basement. A pipe burst, and now your home is a watery disaster. Your child clogged the drain and left the water running, making your bathroom into a lake. You never know when or how disaster will strike. When it does, you will need flood damage restoration in Rochester, NY. Calling in professionals is always your best bet when flood damage takes place. They will provide a full spectrum of services to restore your home.

When you invest in professional restoration, you can expect to receive the following throughout flood damage R.E.S.T.O.R.E. service:

  • Reveal the source: The first thing a professional restoration crew will do is identify the source of the moisture and assess the extent of the damage. They will decide how best to approach the removal of standing water and the salvage of any items not yet ruined.
  • Extract standing water: Technicians will remove any standing water immediately. The goals are to prevent mold growth and salvage as much of your property as possible. This often requires commercial pumping systems.
  • Survey and salvage: After all standing water is removed, technicians will assess the damage to your home. If they were called in quickly enough, some items may be salvageable, if not the experts will put a plan in place to tackle any destruction.
  • Take out destroyed materials: Once the professionals have established what needs to be removed, the crew will dispose of everything that cannot be salvaged. Carpet, baseboards, sections of drywall and plywood must often be removed. These items can quickly grow mold, especially if they remain wet for more than 24 hours. It is best to replace these materials rather than risk mold issues.
  • Optimize drying process: After all unsalvageable materials have been removed, the technicians will work on remaining wet areas. Their efforts will focus on eliminating as much moisture as possible, as quickly as possible. The crew will use commercial air movers and high volume dehumidifiers to restore normal moisture content levels to the home. They will use a moisture meter to monitor this process and ensure everything is fully restored.
  • Reorganize: After normal moisture levels are restored, the technicians will clean up the area, move all furniture back in place and dispose of all accumulated garbage. Your space can then begin to feel like home again.
  • Expel microorganisms: To ensure the health of your family, professionals include a service to destroy molds and other microorganisms that normally develop within high level of moisture. The technicians apply special agents to areas at risk to ensure no health hazards persist.