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In more than eight years cleaning carpets in Rochester NY, we’ve heard all of the horror stories. Carpet cleaners who left homes dirty, leaving soap and chemicals in the carpet, sloppy work, rude cleaning technicians, bogus coupons, and much more. At 5 Star, our Carpet Cleaning Technicians are dedicated to providing the best service, complete clean up, and respect for your home, family and living space.

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Want Carpet and Upholstery that’s Cleaner, Fresher, Brighter?

  • All Carpeting is Thoroughly Vacuumed first to remove dry soil. No sense making mud in your carpet!
  • Top Quality Pre-spray is used to Emulsify Soiling.
  • Agitation and Dwell Time. It is Very Important to Brush the Pre-spray and Let it Sit for a Short Time to Work on the Soil.
  • Extraction and Rinse. We then Extract the Soil and Soap with 230 Degree Water and a Mildly Acidic Rinse Agent.
  • We Only Use Soft Water in your Carpets. The Water We Use in Your Home Goes Through Our Water Softener Before Using it to Clean. Using Less Soap, and an Acidic Rinse.
  • Cleaner, Fresher, Brighter Carpets that Stay Clean Much Longer!
  • We Don’t Leave Until You are 100 percent Satisfied with our Services.

Health —

Your carpet is a breeding ground for dirt, debris, micro-organisms, and bacteria that you never see, but that doesn’t mean they don’t affect you. Having your carpet cleaned by experienced professionals is a smart move for any family. It’s where your kids play and where your pets sleep. In short, if it’s in your carpet, it’s in your home. Our advanced carpet cleaning service provides a deep, thorough clean, to remove years of unseen dirt and bacteria.

Life of Your Carpet —

Unless you actually enjoy replacing your carpet on a regular basis, a professional carpet cleaning is one of the best ways to preserve the life of your carpet. You can’t see it, but deep within the fibers and base of your carpet are germs, bacterial deposits, and other invisible culprits. Over time, they can result in the breakdown and discoloration of fibers, forcing you to replace your carpet before its time. Our deep clean carpet cleaning service removes these compounds, adding years of life to your carpet, while ensuring the cleanest, softest carpet possible.

Appearance —

Let’s be honest, folks. A clean carpet just looks much better than a dirty one. If your carpet has taken a beating over the years…whether it’s from pet accidents, spills, mud being tracked through your home, or any other number of messes, a professional carpet cleaning from 5 Star Cleaning

If you have a water damage emergency you need immediate water remediation help.

Call now to speak to one of our 24/7 service professionals. Need to make a cleaning appointment? You can do that too.

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