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There’s just no hiding dirty tile and grout. But dirty grout is more than just unsightly; left unaddressed, it can succumb to breakdown and deterioration. What’s worse, even routine cleaning can leave behind dirt, grime, and hard to reach compounds. Not to worry. Our innovative tile & grout cleaning process goes beyond what household cleaners can offer, thus preserving the life and beauty of your tile and grout.

Despite your best efforts and intentions, a toothbrush, consumer-grade cleaners, and hours of elbow grease will only go so far. Let 5 Star Cleanup take the stress out of grout restoration. Our process is extremely effective, our staff is highly experienced and passionate about their WORK, and we promise to leave your home or office better looking than when we arrived.

  1. Vacuum: We thoroughly vacuum all surfaces to remove loose soil and residue.
  2. Alkaline Pre-Spray: We use an alkaline-based cleaning solution, which is applied directly to the tile and grout lines. It is then carefully brushed to help loosen and dissolve any embedded oils, grease, dirt, food bacteria, and other potential contaminants.
  3. Extraction: We use 250 degree pressurized hot water to thoroughly rinse and extract polluted laden water from the pores of your tile and grout. The extracted liquid is then transferred to our truck’s recovery tank, for greater sanitation.
  4. Acidic Pre-Spray: Once the embedded oils, grease, food bacteria and other contaminants have been removed, we then spray the grout lines with a mildly acidic solution and agitate with grout brushes. This process essentially removes a fine layer of grout to expose fresh clean grout.
  5. Neutralize: Alkaline prespray is once again applied to the surface and extracted to leave the grout in its natural, slightly acidic state.
  6. Consultation: Once we’ve completed the entire process of cleaning, extraction, and neutralizing your grout, we will provide you with a consultation to discuss the condition of your tile and grout, and how to keep it looking showroom new.
  7. Grout Sealing: Like icing on a cake, it’s time for the finishing touch. Once we have confirmed that you’re thrilled with the results, or wanting a little color, we can help you decide on the appropriate sealer. With grout sealers, you can go with a clear seal, or get creative and pick a color seal to improve or change the look of your room.

Grout Clear Seal

Clean, clear, invisible, simple and solvent based. Helps to make cleaning easy.If your grout has become permanently discolored, a permanent color seal can make your old grout look brand new again. Choose from a wide range of colors and shades.


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