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Most people never clean their upholstery, not even with a quick vacuuming. Untreated upholstery may contain dirt, dust, sand, grit, dust mites and many other pollutants. Protect your investment and have your upholstery professionally cleaned. 5 Star Cleaning & Restoration’s upholstery cleaning services employ the latest cleaning chemical technology. Our upholstery cleaning tools are effective at removing dirt and grease from your fabrics and our dry time is simply amazing.

If you’ve ever tried to clean your upholstery at home using a consumer-grade cleaner, you already know how that usually ends up. Don’t let dirty, stained, or foul-smelling upholstery add stress to your life. 5 Star Cleaning & Restoration is a leader when it comes to consistently superior upholstery cleaning in Rochester NY.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning. Professional Results.

Sofas, Couches, and Love Seats

It’s where your family and friends gather for conversation, movie night, and everything in-between. And we make it easier and more affordable to keep your living room furniture upholstery clean, stain-free, and guest-friendly.

Pet Stain Removal

Pets rule. But even the most well-trained of our furry friends will eventually have an accident. The occasional bladder slip doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the quality, comfort or condition of your furniture. We employ eco-friendly cleaners that are powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn pet stains, yet gentle and safe on Fido’s highly-sensitive sniffer.

Chairs and Chaise Lounges

Ever wonder why your favorite chair or chaise always ends up being the one getting doused in soda, coffee, and dinner? Maybe it’s because that’s where you’re the most comfortable. At 5 Star Cleaning & Restoration, we’ll make sure your “spot” has many years of R & R ahead of it. We utilize the same advanced cleaning methods that we use on couch fabrics.

Accents, Ottomans, and more!

Whether it’s an upholstered coffee table or a suede ottoman, our team of professional upholstery fabric cleaners will keep it looking clean and spot free. If it’s covered in fabric and in your home or office, we can clean it.

If you have a water damage emergency you need immediate water remediation help.

Call now to speak to one of our 24/7 service professionals. Need to make a cleaning appointment? You can do that too.

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